Orlando Sentinel: Florida Forever keeps flesh on Florida's precious bones

Orlando Sentinel: Florida Forever keeps flesh on Florida’s precious bones

Rebecca Eagan for the Orlando Sentinel:

We need Florida Forever, for all the sustainability reasons that apply directly to humans, but also for what Edmund Burke termed those “unbought graces” that cannot be expressed in dollar terms or even fully into words: scrub jays, tortoises, butterflies, pumas; our prairies, cypress bays and longleaf pine-palmetto haunts.

It helps for the Legislature to admit that Florida is unlivable without “green space” and to trickle funds back to our historically exemplary lands program. But, preservation left prey to the partisanship in Tally won’t do. What a house and senate can bestow, can be snatched from under us, like a rug “not modern enough” for the ruling taste.

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